Some of our GREEN Choices!

Some of our GREEN Choices


We Use ENERGY STAR Qualified Electronic Products.


• ENERGY STAR computers, printers, and other business machines power down when not in use. This conserves up to 75% of electricity compared to standard models, by automatically switching equipment to “sleep mode” when not in use.



We Recycle Our Copier Paper and Print All Marketing Material on Recycled Paper

• PIAC reports that each ton of paper recycled saves over 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. Paper recycling also decreases disposal needs and removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that recycling one ton of paper saves up to 7,000 gallons of water and approximately 16 trees, which extends the available fiber supply and also saves  the equivalent of the amount of energy needed to power an average American home for up to six months.  According to, recycling saves an estimated two barrels of oil for every ton of paper recycled, estimating each ton to be worth 400 kilowatt hours of electricity.



We Use Energy- Efficient Lighting

• By switching from incandescent bulbs to energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, we have seen an increase of up to 75% in energy savings. That translates into significant cost savings as well as waste avoidance since compact fluorescent bulbs can last over 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.


Our Containers Contain Reprocessed Material and They’re Fully Recyclable

• Our containers are manufactured from reprocessed plastic material.  Producing our container from recycled plastic uses two-thirds less energy than making the same product from fresh material.  It also greatly reduces production time, which means that less greenhouse emissions.

• Old containers are recycled, allowing a continuation in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and a conservation of natural resources used to produce the raw materials.



Our Offices Recycle

• If its recyclable, we recycle it.  We have strategically placed containers for recycling plastics, metals, glass, and paper products. We recycle used ink and toner cartridges, as well as old office equipment and unused furniture.