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At EnviroClean Waste Solutions, we believe that understanding the reason for doing something helps you do it better. We sincerely appreciate your efforts and hope that we are exceeding your expectations. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions to ensure the best doorstep pickup experience. Feel free to email us at support@envirocleanws.com if you have further questions.

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Doorstep Collection

How do I use the service?

To ensure collection, please follow the EnviroClean Waste Solutions basic procedures found at the link below:


*Rule of thumb:

Valets only collect tied, plastic bags inside the container and flattened cardboard

My trash was not collected…Why?

The two most common mistakes that can result in non-collection are:

  1. Putting your trash out too late…
  • Collection begins at 8:00 PM sharp. If you put it out even a few minutes past 8:00 PM, the valet could possibly have already passed by your unit.
  1. Bringing the container back in too soon…
  • Valets are permitted to work as late as 4 AM

Keep in mind…

  • Residents are permitted to leave their containers out until 9 AM the following morning
  • All trash must be bagged and tied securely
  • All cardboard must be flattened and bundled
  • All bags must fit inside the provided container. Placing bags inside the container assures that the intent is for collection. Also, most communities do not allow bags to be placed directly on flooring due to possible staining.

If your trash was still not collected after following these procedures, please email EnviroClean Waste Solutions at support@envirocleanws.com. Your issue will be documented and forwarded to your community’s EnviroClean Waste Solutions manager.

How many bags will you collect per night?

We do not limit the amount of bags collected from each door. All bags must fit inside the provided container.

Do you pick up boxes?

Yes, we pick up boxes. All boxes must be flattened and bundled for easy handling by the valet.

Do you take TV’s (or old furniture, pieces of wood, etc)?

No. Our service valets only pick up bagged trash and flattened boxes. You will have to make other arrangements or contact your community leasing office to have large or heavy items removed.

I am not home between 6-8 pm, so I can’t put out my container. What should I do?

6:00-8:00 PM is the window of time that was agreed upon by your community manager. If your work hours or other daily commitments do not allow you to adhere to this schedule, please contact your community manager to discuss.

How much do I have to pay for this service? Are you going to bill me?

EnviroClean Waste Solutions does not bill individual residents. We are contracted by your property management to provide a service. Please consult your leasing office.

I do not want your service. How can I cancel it?

We are sorry to hear that, but EnviroClean Waste Solutions has been contracted by your property management to provide valet trash and recycling collection for all of your community’s residents. Our service is designed to control your entire property’s waste stream conveniently, consistently and in the most sanitary way. The communities we service generally do not offer individual residents an option to opt out of this service, but if you’d like, please inquire at your community leasing office.

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I did not get a container, or my container is damaged, dirty or lost. How can I get a new one?

Your community leasing office assigns, distributes, and tracks the EnviroClean Waste Solutions containers for their residents. Please request one from your leasing office.

I do not want this EnviroClean Waste Solutions container. Can you please come and pick it up?

Your community leasing office assigns and tracks your apartment unit’s container. Your doorstep trash collection container was selected by your community management for sanitary and aesthetic reasons. We hope that you will give it a try! If not, please contact your leasing office.

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Non-Compliance Notices

Why do I have a notice on my door?

This notice lists the basic guidelines to ensure the best collection experience for you as well as your neighbors. Your community management has authorized and requested EnviroClean Waste Solutions to place these door tags as reminders to the residents of their expectations and to encourage the cooperation of all.

Why did you put a tag on my door for leaving my container outside?

For the courtesy of your neighbors, your community does not allow their residents to leave containers out during the daytime. If your work hours or other daily commitments do not allow you to bring your container back inside by 9:00 AM, please contact your community manager to discuss.

Will I really be fined?

If there are any fines involved, they are issued by and paid to your leasing office. Fines are not paid to EnviroClean Waste Solutions. We do not collect or benefit financially from any fines issued to residents. In fact, we do not want you to pay fines, but we do work together with the leasing offices to uphold the standards that they have chosen for their communities. All notices are documented, and if it does not produce the desired results, many communities do issue fines. If you have been fined, please contact your community manager for further details.

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Recycling Collection


How does your recycling program work?

Recycling is picked up along with your regular trash, on the same schedule and by the same valet, five nights per week. Simply bag and tie your recyclables in plastic bags and place them in your EnviroClean Waste Solutions container along with your bag of regular trash.

When the service valets dispose of the collected trash, they will place the regular trash into the compactors and the recycling bags are placed into the recycle bins.

Is there an additional cost for recycling?

No. We are a proactive recycling firm that simplifies preserving our earth’s precious resources at multifamily communities. EnviroClean would never charge you for efforts.

What can I place in my commingled recycling bag?

For a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable items for recycling, please refer to our recycling guide located here.

Am I required to use recycling bags?

No, any strong plastic bag is suitable. Ensure that the bag is tied and does not leak.