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We provide three different services that may be customized to meet

your communities various waste management needs:


Doorstep Waste Collection


  • Residents place their trash outside their doorsteps 5 nights a week in their Enviro-can.


  • The Enviroclean concierge collects the trash from their doorsteps using a leak – proof vinyl satchel.  Collected trash is emptied in onsite dumpster/compactor.  


  • Dumpster / compactor areas cleaned nightly.


  • Community Trash Receptacles emptied as needed.


  • Residents retrieve their containers by 9 am the next day.


Doorstep Recycling Program


  • Residents seal recyclables in blue or clear recycling bags, then place the bag/s in the Enviro-can  along with their bagged trash.


  •  Commingled recyclables will be collected along with paper and cardboard.


  • Enviroclean will collect both their recycling and trash 5 nights a week.


Dumpster to Compactor Conversions


  • Current logistics analyzed for efficiency.


  • Enviroclean facilitates compactor conversion.

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