Accepted Items

Having knowledge of acceptable materials for recycling streamlines the

process. This ultimately helps the environment by promoting good

recycling practices. Below you will find guidance on acceptable and

unacceptable items.


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Items Accepted for Recycling




Greeting Cards       newspapers       magazines       paper cups       boxes       paper

**Other acceptable paper / card based materials are catalogs, envelopes, telephone directories, computer paper, junk mail, yellow pages, colored paper, wrapping paper, paper bags, and juice boxes.




Plastic Cups       Plastic Bottles


**Other acceptable plastic materials are plastic drink bottles (milk, water, fizzy drinks) – (washed & squashed), shower & bath plastic bottles, house cleaning plastic bottles (washed), yogurt pots (clean and dry), food trays (clean and dry), plastic bags or carrier bags, drink cartons (clean and dry).




Food Cans       Drink Cans


**Other acceptable metal items are aerosol cans





**Broken glass must be noted.


Items NOT Accepted for Recycling


Wood       WEE       Textiles       Plastic 6       Mixed Metals       Liquid Waste


hazardous       Contaminated Waste       Clinical Waste       Green Waste       Crockery       Food Waste



** Other items that cannot be accepted for recycling are Styrofoam products, glass cookware, ceramics, pizza boxes, pots / pans, bottle caps / lids, wire hangers, plastic bags, paper plates / napkins, batteries** and light bulbs**

****Batteries and light bulbs are considered hazardous waste. They are still recyclable, but need to be taken to a full service recycling facility.

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